Netherlands Embassy in Skopje, Macedonia

Green Planet - Educating Young People about Proper Waste Treatment and Recycling

'Green Planet' - a children's theatre show that educates the young generations about the benefits of waste treatment and recycling was shown for the first time at the Drama Theatre in Skopje today. The show is part of the platform 'Are you recycling?' supported by Pivara Skopje, Pakomak, Nula Otpad and the Embassy of the Netherlands. After Skopje, the theatre caravan will continue in 10 more cities around Macedonia.

"We joined this project gladly because it aims to raise awareness among the youngest of one exeptionaly important aspect of environmental protection and it is appropriate treatment of waste, which for us as a company is a particularly significant area in which we invest many resources, knowledge and energy. At the same time, I am happy that such an original and entertaining approach will motivate new generations to act responsibly towards the environment thus contribute to creating a sustainable future for all", said the General Manager of Pivara Skopje Jovan Radosavljevic.

The play delivers messages to the children about the importance of selecting and treating different types of waste, ranging from paper, plastics, glass, sheet metal packaging, to electronic waste in an interesting and, above all, entertaining way.

"As we have seen in the Netherlands, you need a joint action of public authorities, civil society, businesses and citizens to make a change in the society.  Together with Pakomak and Pivara Skopje we are continuously trying to lead by example – we have been involved in clean-up actions and cycling and we have promoted sustainable ways of living. I am happy that today we start a new initiative aimed to introduce the culture of recycling among children, as they are always the future agents of change", said the Ambassador of the Netherlands Wouter Plomp

One of the core missions of Pakomak is to create opportunities for waste selection by all citizens, which will minimize the unwanted effects of packaging waste on the environment. Pakomak pledged to double the quantity of collected and recycled packaging waste by 2020.   

"One of the messages we want to convey to the children with this play is that the selection of waste must become a habit and obligation of everyone, just as personal hygiene is. We simply want to raise awareness among them that it takes just a little effort to contribute to the good of the environment," says Filip Ivanovski, CEO of Pakomak .  

Within the platform Are you recycling!? there was a cleaning action along a section of the riverbank of the Vardar in Skopje, within which employees of Pivara Skopje and the Dutch Embassy, with logistical support from Pakomak, collected the entire dry waste which was further selected and recycled.