Netherlands Embassy in Skopje, Macedonia

"Focus on the People" - Marten Dresen at the First Companies Doing Forum in Macedonia

"Focus on the people, work with them and motivate them. Long-term value creation is always better than short-term profit maximisation" - said Marten Dresen, founder of Good Hospitality Group at the first Companies Doing Good Forum which took place in Skopje Marriot Hotel on 2 December.

This year's Forum entitled "Transforming Society through Businesses" brought together representatives of the business, non-governmental and governmental sector to discuss the ways to increase their impact on the society with joint efforts. 

Ambassador Wouter Plomp who opened the Forum pointed out the long-term friendship and cooperation that exists between the Netherlands and Macedonia: “We believe in the concept of 1 plus 1 being 3 and we therefore bring these two sector here today. Because the challenges on national and global level cannot be addressed by one sector only. And because it is in the end about the People, the Planet and making Profits"

The Forum was organised by Association for research, communications and development " Public" and the innovative concept was designed and implemented by " Holistik".

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