Netherlands Embassy in Skopje, Macedonia

Long-lasting Partnership Facts and Figures

Take a look at the facts and figures of the long-lasting partnership (1995-2015) between the Netherlands and the Republic of Macedonia. What has the Netherlands contributed to?

  • Тhe Netherlands has maintained a close relationship with Macedonia since its independence in the early 1990s, while a development co-operation programme with Macedonia has existed since 1994.
  • The Netherlands was the biggest EU member state donor in Macedonia until 2011 when Dutch official development assistance to Macedonia came to an end.
  • In the period 1999-2010, the Netherlands has provided Macedonia with grants to the amount of more than € 200 million, of which € 95 million has been macro-support.
  • Macedonia is a member of the Dutch constituency at the IMF, the World Bank and EBRD.
  • Macedonia has graduated from a development partner to an EU accession partner. Future partnership will focus on enhancing capacities and peer-to-peer cooperation, particularly in the field of Rule of Law

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